At demirebel, we’re more than a visual marketing agency — we’re a movement. We believe that every brand has an inner rebel, an influential force driving hope, authenticity, and positive change in the world. We elevate brands that defy norms, transforming their vision into creative strategies, brand stories, and campaigns. Our marketing visuals fuel growth and leave a lasting impact, paving the way for changemakers to succeed.

We’re two founders making sure changemakers and disruptors aren’t robbed of their impact.


Founder and Head of Creative Productions

Meet Moise Nicolas, our Head of Creativite Productions and the mastermind behind our videography, photography, campaigns, and content creation. From his roots in music production, where he honed his storytelling and sound design skills, to starting his own productions company and working with influential brands like K Michelle, PBS, and Louis York. With a degree in marketing, he’s all about unveiling the real stories behind brands. Outside of work, you can find him watching anime, nerding out on new tech, and whipping up delicious food for his family. Moise is our passionate creative, a true “live in the moment” leader, and an advocate for thinking beyond limits.


Founder and Head of Creative Strategy

Introducing Briana Hawkins, our Head of Creative Strategy and the driving force behind our creative direction, branding, and data analytics. With a background in tech startups and experience at Zoom Video Communications, she’s a problem-solving powerhouse. Briana began her entrepreneurial journey by assisting Nashville brands and events in building their online presence, collaborating with notable names such as Tell A Friend, Senator Charlane Oliver, and The Equity Alliance. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s in brand communications, she’s truly a visionary in the branding world. In her free time, she nerds out on neuroscience,  sits in nature, and explores mindset practices. Briana is our intellectual creative, forward-thinking leader, and an advocate for thinking beyond your fears.

Our Foundation

The values that keep us true to our word

Create to Impact

Purposeful expression and creation goes hand in hand with progress and positive change.

Community > Competition

Growth comes from finding your people, not battling your competitors.

Authenticity is Trust

Differentiation and being yourself are rooted in building connection.

No Conformity Zone

Committing to individuality and challenging the norm is what gave us Apple. Be an Icon!

Defending Brands Authenticity
and Stories.

We believe every brand has a unique story and creative essence, but that voice can get lost or muddled on the path to potential customers. Expression blocks can lead brands to conform their messaging to what’s trending and shallow their voice, sacrificing authenticity and true customer connection along the way. By enabling brands to express themselves more genuinely and consistently, we empower organizations to influence and impact their customers powerfully and authentically.

Headquartered in
Nasvhille, TN

owned & operated


6+ Years in
Video Production